Web Design


I designed my band’s website, Jelloship.com. It is a single html file that I wrote so that we would have complete control over a custom platform to help in the release of our first album, ÆROCRAWLER, in December 2016.

motz real estate website

This website was made for a local Cincinnati business, Motz Real Estate during my co-op at Wilker Design. I started shooting and editing photographs of some of their listings and construction projects in the Cincinnati area. I then designed and developed the site with WordPress, performed search engine optimization, and integrated their property listings IDX feed into an easy to use search engine.

ackermann cpa

Website created for Ackermann CPA during my co-op at Wilker Design. I saw this project from start to finish, writing a lot of CSS and HTML, and creating many of the icons and photos while adhering to the brand guidelines.



Syd The Gnome 3D Video Game Demo. Powered by Cinema4D, Unity and WebGl. PLAY NOW!



I wanted to capture the mood of Kid A by Radiohead visually, with an emphasis on textures and an immersive experience. I decided to juxtaposition nature with technology, as this album has many organic ambient sounds that are combined with intricate electronic sounds. After several iterations and prototypes, I created a final animation in After Effects to show the application flow.