Graphic Design

Album Cover Design, Inkspots “If I Didn’t Care”. After hand lettering the text with pen and ink, I set up a scene with custom lighting and photographed the collage, focusing on capturing a retro aesthetic reminiscent of the album’s era.



This print piece was created for a fictional magazine about electronic music. The letterhead was created with a typeface I designed in Illustrator. I cut a piece of transparent black acrylic with a laser cutter using my vector art, then hung it up with thread and photographed it in my studio with drum machines and synths in the background. An iPad app version of the magazine was also created, utilizing a low-fi retro aesthetic.

Tile mosaic designed during my co-op at Wolf Custom Tile. Intricate vector art was drawn in Illustrator and used to water-jet four colored concrete slabs created by Arya Design. The final piece was displayed in downtown Cincinnati at Music Hall during the 2015 Design Build Cincy show.

Tri-fold Brochure and Poster Designed for Wolf Custom Tile. The goal of these printed materials was to showcase some of the amazing designs WCT has created over the years while adhering to branding guidelines. In order to show all of the photographs selected, several grids were used, each bearing resemblance to a tile mosaic.